Thoughts by: Cameron Naidoo – Chief Rule Breaker.

February 19, 2024

Many, many presenters ask the question, is there a right or wrong way to deceive, I mean speak to your audience? Look, it’s simple, you’re telling a story and you want to take your audience on a mythical journey of pie graphs, epic slide transitions like ‘blinds’ and a personal favourite *cue applause sound effect now*. If you were to tell a bedtime story with pie graphs and slide transitions, chances are that kid ain’t sleeping, he’s building a PPC strategy.

On the real, all you need is a good story but make sure it’s dressed in Burberry and reeks of Calvin Klein Obsession. In other words, your presentation needs to look as good as the story that flows out of that hole in your face (the biggest one).  That my friends is what you call ‘Distracting with f**king delight’. Find something relatable with your audience, keep things light and airy, use colloquialism, local dialect and there will be no awkward silences…unless you’re doing a Zoom presentation and everyone is trying to comment while still on mute.

Find that connection and if there isn’t one create it. Connection starts when your presentation design is actually on trend, these are normal people in the room that are most definitely consuming content on social platforms – do you think they’re seeing spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations while using their thumbs for endless scrolls at 9pm? Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to see a powerpoint template from Office 2000. At Guerilla, we go ape with our presentations…and yes a lot of it has to do with our brand ethos of zero f**ks given, but our audience is always receptive. We use things like video backgrounds, animated titles on alpha (transparent backgrounds), big titles, very little small text, illustrations and NO SLIDE TRANSITIONS. We distract with delight people and that doesn’t mean what we’re selling isn’t sh*t hot…in fact, masala comes standard, yo.(If you know you know)

Don’t overthink the messaging, don’t second guess your thinking, keep it simple, keep it sick and always keep it real. Bring that entertainment value in with every slide and keep them gasping, that’s always a good sign.