And so it goes on…

It’s our way

It’s our way
It’s our way

You must have heard of us…is what we always say. We’ve been around since the Fifa World Cup in S.A and the team have been involved in the launching, re-branding and creative development on some of the most well known brands in Africa. That’s right, our African footprint is deep, yo. Our way is also a Level 1 B-BBEE agency with 60% black female ownership.

Let’s work together,
is what we never say.

Jokes, we meet our goals and objectives when we work together, period.
  1. 01

    We don’t do any hand holding, we’re reactive which allows us to take on more work and deliver quicker.

  2. 02

    No idea is a bad idea, we all contribute to make the best damn campaigns, ever.

  3. 03

    We’re very inclusive, and clients finally have a place where they belong. At Guerilla, you can explore your inner copywriter or art director while still being a corporate groupie.

  4. 04

    Ego…what ego? We kill that word at this agency. Mshini whami.

The Thinking

Creative Philosophy

  • Every campaign is a story waiting to be told

    Simple, pure and to the point is key

    Reinventing is for the artist formally known as Prince

    It’s gotta look good, or put it under the table when you bring it to the table.

    Bring your past experiences to your canvas

    Technology is the be all and end all - don’t get it twisted, it really is

This site was jacked.
A true representation of breaking rules.

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