The Urban Remix

The fender bender: Launching Toyota’s all new, sexy urban SUV during a pandemic. There goes the big, blue sky ideas that followed the matching budget out the 24th story window! We still needed to sell cars and create the appeal…and that we did! Oh, and there weren’t any 3D car model renders available either, so we had to create our own!

The Idea

So how does the youngest SUV make its debut and show its competitors that it’s here to remaster the rules of the game? Simple, we take the original that’s built on heritage and comfort then remix it for a new, discerning market. We call it The URBAN REMIX, curated for both families and young singles, urban city life and the adventurous outdoors. An SUV that at any given point can select a scene then follow its path. Whether you’re spending your afternoon beating the urban landscape or exploring mother nature’s good graces, in the Urban Cruiser you can remaster, re-imagine and remix the world that awaits.

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