Playlisting Starts Now.

It is what it is: Gen Z’ers have to be the hardest generation of consumers to please. Our poor marketing managers, product managers and agencies are just not coping with you guys…sorry, not sorry. So in order to NOT be a part of the ‘cancel culture’, we needed to evolve and attract them to the amazing ‘Gen-Z’ approved, content on offer at DStv.

The Idea

It was simple really…well not really. We needed to hit them where it hurt, we needed to deliver a stern kick to the nuts, but our shoes needed to match our drip and our drip needed to be lit. If you know…you know. We teamed up with one of SA’s freshest teen tastemakers – Uncle Vinny and turned him into an animated masterpiece. Think ‘Into the Spiderverse’ meets Pixar meets an agency in the BoKaap, Cape Town. The campaign was all about his playlists, what’s hot and what’s good in the world of DStv…