So we merged creative and tech to create even ‘epic..er’ sh*t. We’re a bunch of directors, designers, creatives, strategists, executors, and developers with mouths of sailors.

Guerilla has been around for over a decade, conceptualising, producing and executing some of the hottest creative campaigns and tech solutions on the continent. Our people are multi-talented, or skills are multifaceted, and our drinking arms are ambidextrous.


Say hello to Cam and Lea.

Cam Naidoo – The Founder

Egotistical creative, technophile nightmare

Cam is the founder and creative partner of anti-traditional creative-tech agency, Guerilla JHB, CPT & Kolkata. Over the last decade, he has spent his time curating, creating, and crafting award-winning solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Never scared to push boundaries, or back down from a challenge, if there’s an idea that ignites your inner anxiety when it’s time to execute, it’s a sure bet it’s coming from Cam.

Pushing the envelope comes as a norm for Cam. Over the past few years, he has co-founded an AR tech solution called Foxtrot, which is generating significant interest in the U.S, as well as an African short stories app called BookBeak. Recently, you’ll find him dabbling in the great unknowns of Fintech.

Technology is his passion. He is currently spending most of his time on creative technology solutions with the help of market insights and consumer behaviour as ammunition. Armed with an entrepreneurial belt, and an attitude that holds nothing but profanity, Cam’s motivator is the transformation in the entrepreneurial space and the challenge of making something from nothing.

Leasha Naidoo – Managing Director

Money talking, whip cracking poisonous rose

Lea is the Managing Director of anti-traditional creative-tech agency, Guerilla JHB ,CPT & Kolkata. Dubbed the ‘accidental entrepreneur’, in her past life, before the triviality of industrious buzz words like marketing funnel, gamify, influencer marketing, and her all-time favourite phrase, ’What’s the ETA?’, she commanded the realms of finance in some of the world’s leading enterprises.

These days, she spends a substantial amount of her time on agency frolicsomeness, cracking the whip, maintaining big accounts, steering the ship from any icebergs, and, most importantly, backing causes that matter in previously disadvantaged communities. Philanthropic ideas get her ticking, the need for starting something that matters and giving back is always at the top of her mind.

Lea is a perfectionist , annoyingly so , but whatever she does it’s go BIG or go home! Ultimately our clients & our team best interests are always her priority.
Backing new ideas and business strategies isn’t out of the norm for Lea. Over the last few years, she has co-founded an AR tech solution called Foxtrot, and is currently working on executing whatever crazy ideas Cam and the team keep coming up with…‘for f**k sakes’.