10xRule by Grant Cardone, touches on many factors he believes are the difference between enterprises that fail and those that succeed. Of the many factors he touches on, the two key ones that stood out were, this idea of taking consistent big action and the following phrase: “As a startup, your biggest problem is obscurity. No one knows who you are or what you do”. This idea that taking ... Read More

Thoughts by: Cameron Naidoo – Chief Rule Breaker.

So, we all thought the end of the world was upon us. Generations were being wiped out, there were travel bans, yet again Africa wasn’t given any attention within the global chaos and the worst out of the lot, toilet paper became a scarcity.  All that said, once we found our feet as humans, we got smarter and navigated a total wipe out. As creative thinkers it was our job over the c ... Read More

Leasha Naidoo

Q&A with Leasha Naidoo 25 May, 2021

This article was done by www.womenontop.co.za and features our queen B(oss), Leasha Naidoo. 1. Tell us about your business? A. To all in reality, we’re known as the box destroying, setting the envelope on fire, type of agency…but internally we just want to do cool sh**. We specialise in innovative solutions for the marketing sector and we strive to just ‘chill’ one ... Read More

Thoughts by: Cameron Naidoo – Chief Rule Breaker.

Many, many presenters ask the question, is there a right or wrong way to deceive, I mean speak to your audience? Look, it’s simple, you’re telling a story and you want to take your audience on a mythical journey of pie graphs, epic slide transitions like ‘blinds’ and a personal favourite *cue applause sound effect now*. If you were to tell a bedtime story with pi ... Read More