The Face that Makes a Difference

Anglo American have a mandate to earn the trust of their host communities in mining areas. They wanted their community to feel that the company has a deep understanding of the current environment and that they have a willingness to make a difference. We needed to give Anglo American a ‘face’ but instead we asked the community for theirs.

The Idea

A platform that puts the power into the hands of the community and trust back into the Anglo American name. We called it REA CONNECTA! A WhatsApp platform that wins back trust while building a better future for communities through instant interactions, information and support.


Onboarding community members would prove to be the most difficult challenge.


We built a QR code platform that instantly turned images into fully scannable QR codes that lead users to sign up on REA CONNECTA (WhatsApp).

Here’s where it gets amazing: QR codes displayed the faces of community leaders, elders and those with influence within the communities, which naturally attracted members to scan these QR codes.

We encouraged the community to MEET THE FACE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.