Africa's first GIF Platform

So why must everyone else have all the fun…GIPHY, Tenor and all those other what whats. What if we came up with our own for Mzansi? What if we could let people discover content on DStv with these smallnyana looping videos? Let’s stop what ifs and let’s talk about f**k yeahs. This is AMAMEME.

The Idea

AmaMeme is the Amashewg-shwang of GIF platforms that organically gets users to discover new DStv content while sharing their favourite memes. With DStv local, international, kids and sports GIFs, users can search by keyword, category or show title to find their favs, share and laugh their AmaAsses off. Easy to navigate, the picture-based flow shows users all the content on offer upfront so they can share AmaEverything they want on AmaSocial with AmaMeme. And that’s how you drop the AmaMic.