Agency Cheat Sheet: Tech for the pandemic

Thoughts by: Cameron Naidoo – Chief Rule Breaker.

February 19, 2024

So, we all thought the end of the world was upon us. Generations were being wiped out, there were travel bans, yet again Africa wasn’t given any attention within the global chaos and the worst out of the lot, toilet paper became a scarcity.  All that said, once we found our feet as humans, we got smarter and navigated a total wipe out.

As creative thinkers it was our job over the course of the past 12 months to come up with innovative solutions to keep our businesses afloat…those of us that did, created a secret group that meets via Zoom or Teams every 5 weeks. We do all the rituals from the comfort and anti-bacterial zones called our homes. There’s nothing quite like bathing in pig’s blood then cleaning up the evidence so that your wife doesn’t think you’re auditioning for the new season of Dexter.

Enough of the small talk, we’ve come across 4 amazing pieces of tech that is supposedly going to keep the world turning in 2021. If you aren’t on that train (you shouldn’t be because of social distancing), then you’re at home, drowning in melancholy.

Number 1: Decentralisation

The pandemic showed us that we don’t really need to be sitting together to be progressive, in fact, not being spoon fed made us grow up as workers. Decentralisation aims to replace the way we’ve experienced work over the last few centuries and yes, it’s tedious but it’s also the future.

Number 2: Eduployment

Say whaaaat? Yup, this one is pretty nifty. Startups are now coming up with a product and building a market place for it too. Now everyone has ‘skin’ in the game. An example is where they will educate you on being a painter for instance then find you gigs as a painter! Amazing.

Number 3: Quirky Social Apps

Ya’ll millennials are still on that FB, IG and TikTok tip…well get off it. Social startups are no longer building off the Facebook graph, we’re now experiencing the wildest ideas to date. An example of this is ‘ITSME’, a social app that connects you to peers based on moods, people!

Number 4: Creativity Tools

Much like decentralisation, creativity tools aim to empower different sets of users within a team. Collaboration is key, now users can go from script to presentation in a matter of minutes.